Best Off Page SEO Trends and Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is one of the areas that would need special attention if you are into online business or a blogger.It helps you improve the traffic to your blog. In fact, this is what would help you get a higher ranking in SERP – Search Engine Results Page. If you are new into blogging, you should implement both on the page and off page SEO to get a better ranking for your website.

Now that we mentioned new bloggers, most of us may not be aware of what exactly an SEO is all about and how to implement it. For the sake of this tutorial, we will be focussing on the Off-page SEO.

Best Off Page SEO Trends and Techniques in 2018

As you may well be aware of, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is all about making the search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo to know about the new content you have posted and make it rank higher in the search results.

The SEO techniques are spread into two broad categories – On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. You need to work on both these aspects for an efficient SEO ranking.

The On Page SEO refers to the tasks you do on your website or the concerned post or page to improve your website ranking. It will include several techniques like the use of adequate keywords, maintaining the keyword density, using appropriate titles and tags and several other aspects which are beyond the concept of this post.

The off Page SEO, by contrast, is what you would be doing outside your page or content. These include the tasks like social media shares, guest blogging and link submissions. This is done to get backlinks to your website so that they can have a better chance of ranking high on search engines.

When it comes to the off page SEO techniques, there has been an ample list of these tips and tricks. But, sadly enough – not all of them work. Experts suggest opting for the Off page SEO techniques that actually work.

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Let us check out a few of them here.

#1 Guest Posts

Guest Post involves posting an article on another website. This has been considered to be one of the most capable link building technique to help you improve the SEO performance of your website.

When you place your article links within the guest post, the link juice passes from the website on which the guest post was done to the author’s website. You can return the favours by letting them post on your site as a guest author.

You can find a number of websites that are open to guest posts. Contact the webmasters of these sites for the details on guest posts.

#2 Social Bookmarking

There are a few Social Bookmarking services that help you n Off Page SEO by letting you bookmark your content on the social media. This has a brighter chance of making your site or post go viral.

A few popular social bookmarking services include StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious and Reddit. Search engines normally prefer these types of sites because they have their content normally updated at frequent intervals. In most cases, the links on these sites have a dofollow attribute and thus are ranked by Google or any other search engine.

Take care to ensure that you have used the proper tags while submitting your posts to the social bookmarking sites. This will help you share your content with a wider audience.

#3 Social Interaction

Social Media is a powerful option for sharing your blog post with the world around. Probably, it is the first step you can take towards improving your online presence. There are several powerful Social media sites and networks that can be beneficial in handling the task efficiently.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube are a few prime examples of the efficient social networking sites. Social Media sites have been considered to be the fundamental ones to begin advertising your product. The corporates have been using it and you can indeed follow suit.

Social Media Networks is one of the best means of enhancing and managing your online reputation.

#4 Directory Submissions

Put in simple terms, Directory Submission refers to listing your website on the search engine directories. This can help you get powerful backlinks to your site. Of course, there are a few experts who claim that the directory submission is a dead strategy, but we believe it still has essence and can be used as an efficient strategy.

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Have access to high PR directory services to ensure a better backlink quality. Listing your website in the proper category is the key to get better backlinks. An unrelated category may not fetch quality backlinks and a fruitless venture.

The technique may not bring faster results. But it is an essential part of your link building exercise.

#5 Questions and Answers

How about answering a few questions and getting a backlink in return? That is precisely what you can achieve with the Question and Answer services. One of the prime example that has been popular and an undefeated leader is Quora.

Check out the relevant topics or questions on these sites and answer them with the links to the relevant articles and posts on your website. In addition to getting you quality backlinks, this can also be helpful in establishing you and your site as an expert in the concerned field. Avoid spamming and it can be the best option for link building.

#6 Article Submission

You can submit your articles into a high PR article directory services. You can share links to your website as well. However, your article needs to be of considerably higher quality to be eligible.

There are several sites and services that specialize in article submission. Just the way it works in the case of directory listing services, you need to pay special attention to the category that you are posting your article in. An improper category can turn your efforts go in vain.

Another important aspect you need to note here is that your content should be of high quality. Low quality of the content and a high degree of keyword stuffing may make your article liable for rejection. Also, ensure a good title for your content.

#7 Forum Submissions

The forum should be another great way to discuss the things of common interest between the members of the forum. Forums let you indulge in asking or seeking information about several queries or doubts, provide an answer to the questions already asked or join in multiple discussions.

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Forums can be your best options for Off page SEO tasks. But do not start link building right away. Build your reputation by joining discussions and providing inputs to the questions being asked. Once you have built a proper reputation for yourself, you can place your link for better off page benefits.

Attempting to place the link right in the beginning may expose your intention of link building and can result in your account getting banned permanently.

#8 Submit Your Content

There are sites that accept submissions of different types of content. Infographics have been much in demand these days. If you are capable of creating catchy infographics, submit them to the sites that accept them. You can provide the reference links to your website.

Image submissions and video submissions are the other two types of submitting content and in turn, you can place the reference links to your website on the submission services. Ensure that you have given a proper title, tag and a reference link to your image, video and infographics submissions.

Some of the popular services for submitting your infographics are visually, reddit and nerdgraph. If you are looking to submit your videos, you can give a thought to the sites and services like YouTube, Vimeo and vine. You may also consider joining in the services for submitting the images, some of the good examples being Flickr, Instagram and imgur.

The Concluding Thoughts

A proper combination of On page and Off page SEO will help you improve your rankings in SERP. The digital marketing is all about competition and ensuring a proper strategy involves how far ahead you can move ahead when compared to your competitors.

Ensure that you are opting for the white hat SEO techniques in order to get a better ranking. Opting for illegal options can render your website being penalised by Google.