How is WhatsApp marketing effective in business

WhatsApp has been one of the most prominent messaging apps ever. It is one of those messengers that has been able to taste the success within a shorter span of time. With over 1.5 million active monthly users, it is probably the best option for marketing. How can WhatsApp marketing help you enhance your business beyond the regular channels? Let us understand the concept in a finer detail.

How Useful is WhatsApp for business?

One of the major reasons why you should use WhatsApp for marketing lies in the fact that it is the primary communication network for most of the users. There are over 60 million messages exchanged on a per day basis.

It has been assumed that more than 65 percent of the WhatsApp users are expected to communicate business matters over the platform. Recent surveys conducted by independent agencies have indicated that they would love to shop with a business through the messaging platform.

How Can You use it for Your Business?

Well, WhatsApp does come with a few limitations with respect to its functionality. Of course. They have recently come up with a special app for business, but that would not be of much help from marketing point of view.

With the limitation that it has with respect to the number of contacts that you can send the messages to and that the number is locked to one particular number, how about making use of the limitation for your benefit?

Since the WhatsApp account is locked to your personal account, you would get a personalised approach to your marketing strategy. In fact, WhatsApp is used to interact with family and friends – and thus your marketing strategy focusses on the element of trust and creativity.

Some of the strategies you can adopt include

  • Create groups and add people to the group to market your service or product. Make sure that your group and the chats therein are as informal as possible. A perfect combination of creativity and informal nature of the chats can bring in the element of trust.

  • You may run contests on your website, so that people can join in through WhatsApp and participate. You can then use the contact list thus generated to advertise your products. In fact, you can start out small, and then move on based on the exact responses received.

How Beneficial is WhatsApp Marketing?

The following aspects should convince you to opt for WhatsApp as one of the marketing channels–

    • Each and every WhatsApp message is received and read. This is completely unlike the email messages, where people delete unwanted message even without opening it.

    • You can create groups with more than 256 participants. That would be an excellent option for organising events and sharing business ideas.

    • Assured real time communication with your audience – whether employees, potential clients and other valuable contacts.

    • The private nature of the communication offers you a better standard to your marketing strategy.

Almost each of our marketing strategies turned towards a digital revolution, we would consider WhatsApp can indeed be one of the major platforms for all your needs. Check out a few use cases and ensure yourself an excellent marketing strategy.