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Online reputation management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone looks you up online. OmDigitech will help you show you how to identify and clean up any damaging content about you online, like negative Google results, risky social media posts, and images as well as help you promote positive content that helps you look great online.

How you look online directly affects your career. Negative items showing up online can damage your career whereas having a positive online reputation leads to career opportunities. There are 4 main reasons why building & managing your online reputation is so important:

Most small and medium sized companies do not invest much on communication, and they struggle with this concept. As a result, their efforts usually are incorrect or inconsistent.

Being transparent is risky. But in the long run, not being transparent is riskier.

  • People are looking you up online profile for making decisions about you on what they find. Every day, over one billion names are searched on Google and 77% of job recruiters. 10 % Investors and bankers, and 13% others are required to look potential employees, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals online during the hiring, investment and other decision making process. While you may not have looked yourself up, it is certain that someone else has - and they are making judgments about you based on what they find. 45% of people have found something in an online search that made them decide NOT to do business with someone.
  • Anyone can say anything about you online without getting in trouble, whether it is true or not. If you upset anyone - an ex, a fired employee, someone you received a promotion over - they can go virtually anywhere online and trash you. It happens all the time and there are very little laws in place to protect people under these situations.
  • Everything we do is now readily available online, which means we need have more tools to make sure this does not harm us. We do everything online and we now have the technology to track and store all that activity. That means everything we post on Facebook or Twitter and every item we search for, website we visit, online transaction we make and conversation we have through text or messenger exists somewhere. A Facebook status update you made year ago may eventually get you fired. Even scarier, a private email or message you sent to a friend - even if you deleted it - could come back and bite you.
  • Having good content online helps you, but most people don’t know how to do it: In an increasingly competitive economy, more and more companies, schools and customers are looking for positive information about you on the web. However, most people do not know what they can do to increase the positive footprint they can have on the web and build a positive online reputation.

In an age of cyber-bullying, revenge porn, hate sites and inadequate online privacy laws, everyone needs the power to understand and protect their reputation on the web

Steps to improve ORM

  • Diagnose the Current Online Reputation
  • Intro to Personal Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Building the Foundation of Your Online Presence – Clean up and remove linkages
  • Advanced Tactics to increase the Google Ranking & Online Reputation
  • Emergency Tactics for Fixing a Negative Google Search Result
  • Improving your Google Image Results