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Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC Services

PPC (Pay per click) is a tool when you are looking for paid advertising in the online space. Whenever you use search engine for specific thing, you get a paid or ad promoted links at the top of result page. These links stimulate a visitor to click and reach to a website accordingto the queryyou need more quality of traffic, increased leads or increased brand recall.

This is also known as inorganic tools and thespace for the ad has to be bought by search engines. PPC is one of the most profitable helping you reap maximum benefits. Whether you need more quality traffic, increased leads or even if branding is your main cause of concern

OmDigitech is a pay per click services provider in which has delivered excellent results to different companies and has the process to help brands connect their target market with definitive analytics. The algorithm and manualplanning of the PPC campaign also help in attracting customers to the website instantly. The ad cuts over the organic search result and lists at the top of the search result page. This gives a visitor a reason to connect with your brand instantly.

Many of the features of PPC campaign make it the most attractive avenue for advertisingmonies spends which has a definite ROI measurement.

Some of them are as follows: -

  • Immediate Results
  • Scheduled campaigns
  • Meet Targeted Traffic
  • Budgeting
  • Geo Location
  • Recall and brand Awareness
  • Easy Tracking

We implement industry specific campaigns build on best practices according to the behavior of search engine visitors. We have managed PPC campaigns and help brands calculate ROI’s on their investment on a real-time basis.

The following are the modes of PPC available, a brand can choose any of the avenues according to the audience base

Search Advertising

Google gives you to show your business on the search result page when someone is looking for your type of product or service. This is the easiest and but an expensive mode of PPC.

Display Advertising

In display ads (ad banner) you can create brand awareness in the people regarding your business module targeting the websites where you think your target audience frequent.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is the place where people spend their time daily it could be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for professional. Targeting people directly on social media you can reach different people based on their interest, geo tags, gender, language and many more.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile is the need of today’s generation. With many users going internet first over mobile, the dream of targeting people directly on their mobile is a reality. As a brand you can create Mobile advertisement plan and connect to the segment of people to see your advertisement.